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Your Rife Machine

I will do whatever I can to help you repair your machine. If your Rife Machine is 10 years or older It may be a simple fix. But most of the times the components in the board will go bad. 

The best purchase you made is your Rife Machine. You know as well as I the cost of your Rife Machine is an investment in your health and well-being. AND it is a small price to pay for the health benefits verse medical treatments and medical bills.

Your Rife Machine has a life span as of any flat screen TV and is not meant to live forever. 

Most of the older Rife machines were good in the past but are limitation to 455 frequencies. The present challenge is with the constant change in the environment and the mutation of bacteria, parasites and viruses.  We need to stay up-to-date with the latest frequencies and that is something for you to consider as you work on repairing you Rife  Machine.

As I mentioned earlier, I will do my best to have your Rife Machine up and running.  If it can’t be fix, I would recommend upgrading to a latest Micro Current Machine. 

The"Latest Micro Current Frequency Generator"

* Multi Auto - run multiple auto programs. You can now stack group codes one after the other.

( This feature would let you continuously run the frequencies all night )

* Can program up to 1 million frequencies (TENS AND Micro Current).

* 1000 Pre-Programmed Auto Codes to choose from.

* Have the option to utilize the standard 250 Single Channels for programming

* 100 Memory Slots for Personal programming, etc...

and much more

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